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From the time the coffee takes effect each day I’m thinking about food, talking about food, reading about food, plus I’m in the kitchen cooking food and planning menus.  Call it a passion, an obsession, maybe even a bit of food insanity.  But the fact is I love great food and I love to serve people great food.  Growing up in Oklahoma each evening was centered around what was on the dinner table. Eager to get involved, my mother and grandmother had me in the kitchen at a young age. I remember my mom’s mouth watering cinnamon rolls and grandma’s famous fried chicken and apple pie (All which I have now mastered).  As a teen I developed my culinary skills by working in a family owned Italian restaurant.  The aromas from a big pot of marinara sauce, Italian sausage on the grill, or homemade pan of focaccia bread coming out of the oven still bring back some of my favorite memories.

IMG_3471 (3).jpg

For me, cooking isn’t just a hobby. It’s a way of life!

The food industry became the first love of mine.  My Culinary accomplishments include: Head Chef at The French Hen, Austin’s Café, and Stussles Supper Club in Tulsa Oklahoma and also ran my own catering business in Rancho Mirage California. Then I took a twenty four year break for my second love working as a golf professional.

During my time in golf I never stopped learning new culinary skills, trying techniques in the kitchen, or hosting dinner parties. Feeling adventurous and entrepreneurial I refocused my creative energies on my first love of food, and I created Your Kitchen Chef personal chef and catering service.  It has allowed me to be in business for myself and use my skills and passion to bring healthy, wholesome, and memorable foods to many tables.

Let me share my love of cooking with you and a few pictures of our kitchen. 

Serving Oregon since 2011

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